Who Benefits?

The San Antonio Southtown Lions Club is proud to present “Spaghetti for Sight,” a bimonthly spaghetti supper & plate sale to help us raise funds to provide eyeglasses for those in need, primarily local schoolchildren.

Good vision is critical to good academic performance. Students who cannot see the board, or who have trouble reading their texts will have trouble with their studies. The Southtown Lions reach out to the schools in the area to identify children in their classrooms who need eyeglasses, but whose families can’t afford them. We use the funds you help us raise to purchase eyeglasses for these students.

Good vision is also critical to on-the-job performance. Occasionally, we are asked to help provide glasses to adults who cannot afford them. While schoolchildren are our priority, if we can, we will help these adults acquire eyeglasses to help them find or maintain employment.

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and volunteers, we are able to leverage the proceeds from these spaghetti suppers to purchase eyeglasses for those in need in our community. Thank you for your support!